What to expect at ADEX 2022 Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition

ADEX international military exhibition is the region’s largest event in the field of the defense industry and internal security, providing the participants with a unique opportunity to meet with the military leadership of Azerbaijan, as well as the international military and defense community. The 2022 edition will take place at the Baku Exhibition Center from 6 to 8 September. Army Recognition will cover the event as the official online daily news provider and official web TV.
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The 2022 edition of ADEX Azerbaijan Defense Exhibition will take place at the Baku Exhibition Center from 6 to 8 September (Picture source: ADEX)

Along with products for the navy, aviation and army, ADEX is an ideal ground for the presentation of homeland security products. The exhibition facilitates the exchange of experience among participants, visitors and experts in the sector, and a chance to upgrade products in accordance with the requirements of the region’s defense industry market.

Yahya Musayev, Deputy Minister of Defence Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan, said for the previous edition (2018): "The ADEX exhibition, while bringing together the most authoritative companies, organizations, agencies and delegations from some of the world’s leading states, plays a crucial role in presenting the latest military technology, including a wide range of weapons and munitions to defense and law-enforcement agencies of both Azerbaijan and other countries, highlighting many innovations in this field".

The exhibitors having so far announced their participation to the 2022 edition come from Azebaijan, Turkey (Turkiye), Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, Iran, Israel, China, Cyprus, Pakistan, India, The Netherlands, Spain, Jordan, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Germany and Singapore.