Jiangsu launches new reconnaissance surveillance vehicle at AirShow China 2018

At AirShow China 2018, the China-based company Jiangsu Hezheng Special Equipment Co., Ltd is introducing a new "High-mobility reconnaissance surveillance vehicle".

high mobility reconnaissance vehicle photo 01
The High-mobility reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle at AirShow China 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

Jiangsu's High-mobility reconnaissance surveillance vehicle is composed of one tethered UAV, mobile control station, a cable, a synchronous receiving and releasing station, and a remote control weapon station.

The whole surveillance system is based on a 4x4 light armored multirole vehicle. It has a length of 5.75 m, a width of 2.36 m and a height of 2.12 m. Self-protection is provided by a RCWS fitted on the cabin roof. It can be armed with two different weapon systems such as a light or heavy machinegun and an automatic grenade launcher. The crew can operate the weapons and reload without having to leave the safety of the fighting compartment.

The tethered UAV has a maximum altitude of 300 meters. Once untethered, the UAV has a maximum ceiling of 5000 m and resists to wind force 6. It is powered by four coaxial double rotors, allowing a maximum speed of 30 km/h. Batteries fitted in the vehicle gives the UAV a 24h-long hovering time.

This UAV supports a maximum payload of 25 kg. It can then carry more complex mission loads, such as air-to-surface missiles, EO/IR pod, SAR radar, communication relay device.

high mobility reconnaissance vehicle photo 02
The tethered UAV
(Picture source Army Recognition)