Tor-M2 air defense systems to be deployed in Kaliningrad

The Russian 22nd antiaircraft regiment in Kaliningrad region will receive Tor-M2s by the end of 2019. They are the most perfect short-range air defense weapons in the world capable of downing any aircraft, drone or smart bomb with one missile. Experts believe Tor in the Baltic enclave is a response to NATO reinforcement in the Baltics and Poland, the Izvestia daily writes.

Tor M2 air defense systems to be deployed in Kaliningrad
Tor-M2 air defense system (Picture source )

Antiaircraft weapons in Kaliningrad region are in charge of the defense of the whole enclave and the strategically important naval base of the Baltic fleet in Baltiisk. Tor-M2 will be supplied to the 22nd antiaircraft regiment of the coastal forces of the Baltic fleet, Defense Ministry sources said.

NATO countries bordering on Kaliningrad region have considerably reinforced, expert Vadim Kozyulin said. "By the end of 2020, Warsaw will provide land plots for the construction of US bases and will build up an air defense area. Poland procured the latest Norwegian missiles and US long-range air cruise missiles. Naturally, it triggers a Russian military response. It is necessary to respond when neighbors buy such weapons. It is a general practice," he said.

The choice of Tor is not accidental. Its radar properly performed in Syria where the weapon was engaged against low-signature low-flying targets which are invulnerable for other arms, he said.

Multi-layered air defense is being created in Kaliningrad region. Tor will defend long-range S-300V4 and medium-range Buk-M3 Viking from antiradar and cruise missiles, former Deputy Commander of the air defense of the Ground Forces Lieutenant-General Alexander Luzan said. "Tor-M2 guarantees the destruction of antiradar and cruise missiles and effectively fights medium and big drones. Its characteristics reliably defend long and medium-range air defense weapons from missiles deployed in Poland. They are also effective to defend the coast against cruise missiles fired by hostile warships," he said.

Tor-M2 is distinguished from the basic option by new software. It can simultaneously fire at four targets, while the initial Tor could fire only at one. Tor-M2 protects a longer frontline than its predecessor. It is the only weapon in the world that can fire in motion. Previously, an air defense battalion or regiment had to make a stopover to fire and then proceed. Now they can fire in motion.

The weapon guarantees 100% destruction of any aircraft and drone, as well as precision projectiles, including cruise missiles and gliding bombs. The hit precision made it unnecessary to fire two missiles at one target. Tor operates following the “one target - one missile” principle. Tor-M2 confirmed its combat characteristics during trials and in actual combat.

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