ACMAT presents its new ALTV Torpedo at SOFINS Special Operations Forces exhibition in France 1604133


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Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 07:36 PM
ACMAT presents its new ALTV Torpedo at SOFINS Special Operations Forces exhibition in France.
On the occasion of the SOFINS (Special Operations Forces) show, Renault Trucks Defense presents a version of the ALTV Torpedo ACMAT. It was exhibited during the dynamic show. This exhibition aims at allowing French and foreign Special Forces to come directly in contact with innovative SMEs, laboratories and research centres, but also with major corporations which, because of their activity or development, are able to answer the Special Forces’ operational concerns.

Acmat ALTV Torpedo is a light wheeled vehicle designed to incorporate high tactical mobility with high maximum road speed and optimal off-road and cross-country performance.


Today, Special Forces are engaged in a war against the terrorism and they need multi-purpose combat vehicle able to provide them with tactical mobility in harsh terrain. Tactical vehicles for Special Forces Operations are used for a wide range of missions as counter-proliferation, foreign and homeland security, special reconnaissance, direct action, and unconventional warfare missions.

With the ALTV Torpedo, the French Company ACMAT offers a new solution of Fast Attack Vehicle which can be used for that type of combat mission with high mobility, cargo capacity and fire power. The ALTV Torpedo has only minimal armour but provides aluminum protection under the chassis against mine Level 1 STANAG 4569.

The new
ALTV Torpedo receives a higher ground clearance (from 0.3 to 0.35m) and a wider approach angle (from 25° to 40°) in order to improve the land mobility.

In parallel to these new performances, the ALTV keeps its essential characteristics that made its international success in 2012. More than 60 ALTV (Torpedo models) were indeed sold last year. The ALTV is, thanks to its robustness and its large payload (1.4t), adapted to the needs of the Special Forces.

With an 190hp engine, the vehicle can reach speeds of 170km/h while its 1,600 km autonomy allows it to operate in isolated areas without logistic support. It can carry 3 ( 4 in option) men.

The ALTV is capable of operating on slopes up to 80%, side-slopes up to 100% and cross a ford of 0.5m. Finally, it is also able to support mine and ballistic protection kits, and is fitted for a manned operated machinegun on the roof (7,62/12,7/LG40mm/M134).


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