Defence agreement signed between Italy and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 300420152

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Defence agreement signed between Italy and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Jordan and Italy, on Wednesday April 29, inked a deal to cement military cooperation between the two countries in areas of training, armament manufacturing and exchange of expertise among others. The agreement was signed by Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, the King's Adviser for Military Affairs, Gen. Mashal al-Zabin, and Italy's Defence Minister, Roberta Pinotti.
Defence agreement signed between Italy and the Hashemite Kingdom of JordanA moment of the talks between the Gen. Mashal Al Zaben and the Italian Defence Minister Pinotti

Pinotti hailed Jordan's efforts to bring about stability and security in the conflict-riddled Middle East. She also commended the Jordan's Armed Forces' professionalism when addressing terrorist organizations.

Al-Zabin hailed Jordanian-Italian ties and thanked the Italian government for its supportive stances to Jordan.

Concrete actions will confirm the willingness of both parts to deepen the already excellent bilateral relation between the two countries that are committed to the process of stabilization of regional areas.

Cooperation between Italy and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - regulated by the principles of reciprocity , equality and mutual interest - will be in accordance with their legal and international commitments to encourage, facilitate and develop cooperation in the field of defence.

Cooperation will cover various areas, among others, common security and defence, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, organization and use of the Armed Forces. There is also room for the environment and pollution caused by military activities, as well as for education and training of the military.

As part of bilateral relations, including the Plan of Cooperation in 2015 that includes various activities affecting the Army (exchange of experiences in the field of Special Forces) ; the Navy (participation in the exchange data for maritime surveillance) ; Aeronautics (exchange experiences in the Air to Air Refuelling and drones) ; Carabinieri (peacekeeping operations).

The Minister and the Chief of the Jordanian Armed Forces have then focused on crisis areas, such as Libya - setting priority for Italy - and Yemen.

As Italy, Jordan, which is a strategic position in the Middle East, took part in the international coalition anti-Isis. Italian Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti expressed his appreciation for the effort put into the field in the fight against DAESH positions, and renewed sorrow for the atrocious killing of pilot Muath Al-Kasaesbeh, captured after the crash of its F-16.