TrackingPoint reveals the M1400 precision-guided firearm 42204164

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TrackingPoint reveals the M1400 precision-guided firearm
TrackingPoint revealed on 12 April its M1400 extreme distance, precision-guided firearm. It is a squad-level, bolt-action rifle capable of engaging targets up to 1,400 yards. It was designed as a breakthrough in performance, cost and weight, compared to the company’s previous firearms.
TrackingPoint reveals the M1400 precision guided firearm
TrackingPoint's M1400 rifle with the RapidLok fire control system on top (Photo: TrackingPoint)

The rifle is equipped with the TrackingPoint’s RapidLok target elimination fire control system, which automatically acquires and tracks targets, and offers a fire solution as the shooter pulls the trigger. The system offers an ease of use thanks to its image stabilization and the auto-snap feature, which adjusts the point of impact to the targets centre of mass. RapidLok integrates a laser-based Barrel Reference System ensuring shot-to-shot perfect zero to eliminate error from shock or environmental changes such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.

The weapon system can be complemented by the company’s ShotGlass wearable glasses that allow a soldier to fire the weapon behind obstacles without being exposed, as if he or she looking through a scope.

According to the company, the M1400 will be priced at USD16,995. It will be available to the US Armed Forces, Homeland Security Agencies or qualified citizens from the beginning of September 2016.



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