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As already reported on Army Recognition.com, Peru and Chile have shown interest in acquiring the BrahMos cruise missile that India has jointly developed with Russia at a budget of $300 million. Particularly since a successful test fire carried on by a Sukhoi Su-30MKI.

According a statement releases on March 30, 2018 to the official web site of the U.S. Department of Defense, the American Company Lockheed Martin was awarded a $278,839,837 modification (P000015) to Foreign Military Sales contract for Saudi Arabia to increase fiscal 2018 PATRIOT Advanced Capability-3 production contract to include Cost-Reduction Initiative missiles and associated ground support equipment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the creation of new offensive weapons capable of breaking through existing missiles shields, including the US ground and seaborne missile defense under deployment. His statement triggered a wave of publications about the weapons. However, the legal aspects of the design, flight tests and deployment of the weapons in the context of international treaties, including START-3, have not been covered so far, the Nezavisimoe voennoe obozrenie (Independent Military Review) writes.

Air and Missile Defense is one of the top modernization priorities of United States Army including the acquisition of a new SHORAD (Short Range Air Defense) mobile system. Air and Missile Defense systems will include the ability to defeat missile threats against the U.S., the deployed forces and the allies and partners.

According a statement published on March 29, 2018 on the Polish Ministry of Defense website, Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defense of Poland has signed contract with the Polish Company PIT-RADWAR S.A. to launch the first stage of the "WISŁA" country's Air Defense system program. The first phase of the program concerns the acquisition of two PATRIOT batteries in the 3+ configuration with the IBCS system.

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