Plasan unveils its YAGU ultralight armored vehicle at ExpoSeguridad

At Expo Seguridad in Mexico City Plasan has just unveiled the Yagu an all-new Ultralight Tactical Armored Vehicle that moves the boundary of what was previously believed to be possible.

Plasan YAGU ExpoSeguridad 925 001
The Yagu can be equipped with remote controlled weapon system, integrated light duadcopter drone (Credit Plasan)

Plasan has achieved what was previously believed to be impossible. The company has developped the Yagu as an answer to the asymmetric warfare threat such as: Terror, guerrilla factions and armed crime organizations in rural and remote urban zones which present the following challenges: Limited maneuverability and access conditions and Ballistic threats from automatic assault rifles.

The Yagu is an ultralight and super agile vehicle with an unprecedented level of protection (B6+ protcetion level) for a vehicle at this low weight (1,350 kg). For maintenance and cost efficiency reasons, the Yagu is based on a commercial platform, the Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 1000 platform.

Yagu can carry a crew of 3 with 360° protection against high velocity threats, in air-conditioned comfort, with excellent situational awareness. With the optional Remote Weapon Station, it is a truly usable combat vehicle, deployable for use by special forces, border guards, or on counter-terror operations. Its reduced size and off-road performances makes it easily maneuverable in both rural and urban environments.

The Yagu combines the mobility of a classical ultralight vehicle with a very good protection level. The Yagu has also other assets such as: 360 ballistic protection: B6+, Extreme maneuverability capability over any terrain (off-road & urban), Extremely high power to weight ratio, Highly transportable for airborne operations, Low cost of operation, Independent power system, Air-conditioning systems, optionnal remote controlled weapon system, optionnal integrated light duadcopter drone.

Plasan YAGU ExpoSeguridad 925 002

The Plasan Yagu Ultralight Tactical Armored Vehicle has extreme maneuverability capability over any terrain (off-road & urban) (Credit Plasan)