AeroVironment sold Raven UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems to U.S. ally

AeroVironment today announced it received a US$ 2,424,595 firm-fixed-price contract on March 3, 2020, to provide Raven small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and training to an allied nation. Delivery is anticipated by August 2020.

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U.S. soldier launching an RQ-11 Raven UAV at Fort Drum, N.Y., May 29, 2019 (Picture source: U.S. Army)

“With its rugged design, small footprint and high-resolution sensor capabilities, the combat-proven Raven offers allied forces the actionable intelligence they need at a moment’s notice in the most extreme environments,” said Rick Pedigo, vice president of sales and business development for AeroVironment.

AeroVironment’s Raven system is designed for rapid deployment and high mobility for operations requiring low-altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. With a wingspan of 4.5 feet and weighing just 4.2 pounds (1.9 kilograms), the hand-launched Raven provides situational awareness, day or night, with an operational range of 6.2 miles (10 kilometers). The Raven’s Mantis i23 EO/IR gimbaled payload delivers real-time video or infrared imagery to ground control and remote viewing stations.

AeroVironment’s family of small UAS comprises the majority of all unmanned aircraft in the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) inventory and its rapidly growing international customer base numbers more than 45 allied governments.