The President of Argentina is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, and in this capacity he has the control over their organisation, deployment and military use. The total active manpower is around 68,000 personnel. There is also a Para-military force with 18,000 members of the Gendarmerie, 13,350 coast guards, 22,000 members of the Police Federal. All of these are under the control of the Ministry of Interior. The armed forces is fully professional, no conscription.
The Argentine land forces are composed with around 41,000 soldiers, 8,000 civil employees, and reserve force with 250,000 personnel with the structure:
- 3 Army Corps with a total of 10 Brigades with
- 11 mechanised infantry regiments, 3 Parachute regiments, 5 mountain infantry regiments, 3 Jungle Infantry Regiments, 1 light infantry regiment.
- 18 cavalry units with 10 cavalry regiments, 4 light cavalry regiments, 1 mounted cavalry regiment, 2 armoured scout squadron, 1 parachute cavalry squadron.
- 14 artillery groups with 8 field artillery groups, 4 armoured artillery groups, 1 mountain artillery group, 1 parachute artillery group, 3 anti-aircraft artillery groups
- 1 Air assault regiment, 2 Jungle Ranger Companies, 2 Mountain ranger companies, 2 commando companies.

Military equipment and vehicles of Argentine Army of Argentina