Athlon Avia's Furia UAS showcased at Arms and Security 2017

Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are definitely starring at this 14th edition of Arms and Security exhibition in Kiev, Ukraine. Among others systems is the Furia, developped and produced by the domestic company Athlon Avia.

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Athlon Avia Furia SUAS at Arms and Security 2017

According Athlon Avia, the Furia has been successfully deployed since more than three years in the East of Ukraine. More than 40 Furia UAS already took part in Ukraine's Anti-Terror Operation (ATO), recording more than 3,200 flight hours. It participated to the detection and destruction of hundreds of targets.

Furia's main tasks include surveillance and reconnaissance at day and night, target acquisition, artillery fire correction, etc. It is actually in used with the Ukraine MoD, National Guard and Security Service.

The Furia is operated by a crew of 1-2 soldiers, depending on the mission, and is fully deployable in less than 15 mins. It features autonomous optical navigation system and autonomous take-off, flight and return to the home point without using satellites.

Furia UAS has a wingspan of 2,05 m, a length of 900 mm and a take-off weight of 5,5 kg. It is powered by a single electric motor, offering the UAS a range of up to 50 km, an endurance of more than 3 hours and a cruise speed of 65 km/h.

The daytime optical payload comprises a Sony FCB-H11 system with 10x optical and 12x digital zoom. The nighttime payload includes a Flir Tau 2 thermal imaging system with 2-8x digital zoom.

Athlon Avia's Furia UAS can also be fitted with GPS-catcher payload or radiation sensor.