Rarog Tactical Gear exhibits its Predator at Arms & Security 2017

At the international exhibition "Arms and Security 2017" in Ukraine, Rarog Tactical Gear showcases its Preadator ammunition belt solution.

predator rarog tactical gear ukraine 925 001 The Predator allow machine-gunner to provide sustain covering-fire

The Preadator machine-gunner tactical gear is a set of equipment designed to increase efficiency of machine-gunner performance in modern warfare. The Preadator allow the machine-gunner to have access to all his ammunitions in a single continuous belt. The belt can be modified to feed 5,56mm or 7,62mm rounds and has a maximum capacity of 550-650 rounds depending of the caliber configuration, it can also be fitted in a soft or hard assault pack. The Predator weight 8kg without ammunitions loaded. The Predator is available in different camo patern such as the Multicam and the A-TACS.

Over 60 Predator system are currently used by Special Forces of the Ukrainian Army and by National Guard. The Predator can be coupled with many weapons such as the Mark 46/48, M240/M249, PK/PKM and the Negev/Fort 401.