Spaitech showcases its Sparrow mini-uav at Arms & Security 2017

Tactical unmanned aerial vehicle was one of the main focus at "Arms and Security 2017" exhibition, Ukraine, with many companies showing their abilities to produces uav who can fulfill missions needs.

spaitech sparrow uav ukroboronprom ukraine 925 001

Spaitech, member of the State company "Ukroboronprom" is showcasing its "Sparrow" Mini-uav. Sparrow system is designed for aerial surveillance at a range up to 20 km. The wingspan up to 980 mm significantly increases the UAV’s flight characteristics comparing with the other systems of this category. Due to small dimensions and used materials it remains invisible both for visual observation and for radar systems.

“Sparrow” is quickly deployed, reliable in operation, resistant to mechanical and thermal effects, protected from moisture. The control is performed both in manual and in automatic modes, including automatic takeoff and landing. The system is able to determine the coordinates of objects. The Sparrow have a flight time of up to 60 min, has a maximum flight altitude of 2,000m and flight up to 150 km/h.