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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
Press Release Army 2016
Army 2016: KAMPO JSC presents new SV-I diving equipment
At this 2nd edition of Army International Military Technical Forum, being held from 6-11 September in the Moscow region, the Russian company KAMPO JSC is unveiling a new set of engineering diving equipment.
Army 2016 KAMPO JSC presents new SV I diving equipment 640 001KAMPO JSC's new diving equipment at Army 2016
This new diving equipment is designed for underwater reconnaissance, evacuation and rescue, welding, repair, and other engineering work.

Advent of the set of the engineering diving equipment was required to replace the ageing UVS-50M and SVU-3 equipments.

The main advantages of the set are its versatility, replacing two types of equipment. The SV-I1 replaces the three-bolt equipment with the UVS-50M helmet and SV-I2 replaces the SVU-3 universal diving equipment. It features separate reserve emergency breathing apparatus for breathing the compressed air, combined with the emergency suspension and the set of the loads.

The new dive equipment allows work at temperature range from -2 to +35°C and a dive depth of – 60M. The whole system has a weight of 70kg. It features a lung ventilation of 15 to 20 ltr/min.