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Army 2016
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6 - 11 September 2016
Moscow, Russia
Press Release Army 2016
Tornado-G MLRS' impressive live-firing demo at Army 2016
At Army 2016 exhibition, being held in the Moscow region until Sept. 11, the Russian Armed Forces performed a thrilling live-firing demonstration of its new Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system. The system entered service with the Russian armed forces in 2014.
Tornado-G in firing demo 001A Tornado-G MLRS performing live-firing demonstration during Army 2016
The Tornado-G MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System ) is an improved version of the standard Russian-made 122mm BM-21 rocket launcher system based on a Kamaz or Ural-4320 truck. Operating crew has been reduced to three man compared to the six man crew of the BM-21 Grad.

The Tornado-G is three times more efficient than its predecessors. The Tornado-G was demonstrated for the first time during a military exercise in 2012 and entered series production in 2013.

The Tornado-G is equipped with a bank of 40 launch tubes 122 mm arranged in a rectangular shape that can be turned away from the unprotected cab.

The Tornado-G consists of an Ural-4320 truck chassis with rocket launcher system mounted at the rear of the chassis. The truck Ural-4320 is motorized with a water-cooled V-8 240 hp. gasoline engine YaMZ-238M2 engine. It is equipped with a satellite guidance system.