Techmash arms firm to show new Tornado-G projectiles at Army-2018

The Techmash company within the Russian State Corporation Rostec presented a line of new-generation projectiles at the Army-2018 International Military-Technical Forum.

Tornado G 122mm MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System Army 2018 925 001
Tornado-G (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Projectiles for the Tornado-G salvo firing system were displayed for the first time. "One of the exhibits was a 122-mm unguided projectile with a high-explosive warhead (9M539). It can destroy open and covert personnel, non-armor vehicles, command posts and other targets. The projectile makes it possible to effectively destroy targets behind ground folds, back slopes, gorges and in the mountains," Techmash’s Director-General Vladimir Lepin explained.

Its range of fire is from five to twenty kilometers. The combat employment temperatures vary from -50 to + 50 degrees centigrade. The projectile’s average kill effectiveness is six times higher than of a similar Grad projectile. The Tornado-G salvo fire system has been widely in service with the Russian army since 2017. The system has proven to be a highly effective and reliable weapon, which has replaced the classical Grad system.

The combat vehicle is equipped with an automated fire control system and launching equipment which make the process of aiming the guiding cluster and the shooting process itself fully automatic; they also make it possible to establish autonomous survey control, orient the combat vehicle on the terrain and reflect the necessary topographic situation on an electronic map as well as ensure remote input of the assigned flight data to an exploder and launch newly-designed projectiles without any need for the crew to dismount and leave the combat vehicle.

The guiding cluster of the Tornado-G combat vehicle consists of 40 launching tubes. The system’s 122-mm caliber makes it possible to operate both Tornado-G and Grad projectiles.


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