Army 2019: Almaz-Antey exhibits its S-350 Vityaz air defence system

At Army 2019, the exhibition taking place at the Patriot Expo Center near Kubinka, Almaz-Antey exhibits its S-350E Vityaz air defence system.

army 2019 s350e vityaz air defence system showcased
The S-350 Vityaz on show at Army 2019

The 50R6 Vityaz missile system or S-350E is a Russian medium-range surface-to-air missile system developed by GSKB Almaz-Antey. The S-350E Vityaz 50R6 missile system is mounted on a 8x8 truck chassis, under the technical name of 50P6. It's a dual missile system, whereby each of the standard containers can be replaced by a pack of four smaller and shorter weapons. The vertical launcher truck carried twelve tubular containers, in two lines of six and can be deployed in firing position in around 5 min.

The missile for the S-350E Vityaz 50R6 is the 9M96 guided missile which was originally designed for the S-400 system. This missile can be used against aerial and ballistic targets with a firing range from 1.5 to 120 km and to an altitude from 10 to 30,000 m. It features passive IR homing guidance. The 9M96 is a dual-role anti-missile and anti-aircraft missile. The S-350 can also fire 9M100 guided missile to destroy aircraft, UAVs and cruise missiles. The 9M100 is a short-range, IR-guided missile that has been mentioned as both a SAM (surface-to-air missile) and an AAM (air-to-air missile). The S-350E can engague up to twelves targets at the same time.


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