Army 2019: Boomerang k-17 to be delivered to Russian army in 2019

Vehicles on Boomerang undercarriage were for the first time demonstrated in 2015 and can be delivered to the troops in 2019. The trials are practically over. Various combat modules can be mounted on the Boomerang, the Military-Industrial Courier said.

army 2019 boomerang k17 to be introduced in 2019 in russian army
The Boomerang at Army 2019

Naturally, a wheeled armored personnel carrier can have no tank protection. However, a hull of multi-layered armor and outboard ceramic blocks can provide sufficient protection. The modular scheme allows creating three vehicle options and the most protected one weighs 34 tons. So far it is known the vehicle can sustain fire from 14.5mm firearms and even small-caliber shells. Boomerang is likely to survive a hit by 25mm M242 gun. The frontal protection is even stronger.

RPG-7 grenade launcher is likely to pierce Boomerang, but there will be no destruction synergy and the assault force is likely to survive. Cumulative shells destroy the inside with fragmentation and melted metal. The armored cloth in the inside compartment has to stop or at least slow down most fragmentation. It is difficult to destroy the Boomerang crew and assault force hundred percent.

Boomerang is high against Soviet hardware. The design, firstly, provides more space between the V-shaped bottom and the mine to make the shock wave disperse. Secondly, the internal compartment is spacious enough for the soldiers to avoid traumas when an explosion rocks the vehicle. There are seat belts fastened to the hull and bottom armor against fragmentation.

Boomerang develops a road speed of 100 km/h against 90 of BTR-80. The Soviet-era APC can drive 40 km/h on a dirt road while Boomerang set a record of 92 km/h. It is due to the internal ergonomics and suspension rather than the engine. BTR-80 has 19 HP per each ton of the weight while Boomerang has 22 HP at maximum load. It can quickly change the position and maneuver on cross-country terrain. The driver can longer sustain a march or combat.

Boomerang is a amphibious vehicle which is important for the European and eastern theaters of warfare. Experts doubt whether the heaviest modification of Boomerang (34 tons) can float. It is likely that only 24-ton option will be able to float.

The vehicle has a modular scheme and the cost of various Boomerang options can differ two times and more. The damaged armor elements can be replaced in field workshops. Boomerang is easily upgraded and can be improved as new materials, technologies and solutions appear. It means it will serve for many years, the Military-Industrial Courier said.

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