AM general $2.2 billion contract for 11,569 HMMWV 83108171

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AM General received a $2.2 billion contract for the production of 11,569 HMMWV

The contact, announced by the Department of Defense on Tuesday, also includes spares parts packages for customers both in the U.S. and exported models in service worldwide.
The HMMWV is a standard utility and combat vehicle in use by the U.S. military and allied nations. It is a four-wheeled platform in many variants ranging from light cargo to anti-tank. It has seen service since 1984 with wide combat experience, including in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The M1151 is fitted with an heavier chassis and improved engine of the M1113 Humvee variant. The M1151 can be fitted with a standard armour package but was designed to accept the various armor packages developed to bring it to a similar level of protection to that of an Up-Armored HMMWV.

The vehicle is expected to mostly be replaced by the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, which is under development by Oshkosh, due to the HMMWV's vulnerability to improvised explosive devices and other threats.