Lviv Armored Plant modernizes Ukrainian T-64 MBTs

State enterprise Lviv Armored Plant, which is a part of the State company Ukroboronprom, has adjusted the serial modernization of T-64 tanks to the 2017 standard, which is equipped with thermal imagers, digital radio stations, satellite navigation and new dynamic protection.

Lviv Armored Plant modernizes Ukrainian T 64 MBTs
T-64 MBT upgraded into the 2017 standard (Picture source: Ukroboronprom)

As a result, the T-64, which is the main battle tank of the Ukrainian army, has been able to significantly expand its combat capabilities and has excelled in confronting the enemy in eastern Ukraine. This tank took part to NATO's Strong Europe Tank Challenge and was demonstrated during last year's Independence Day parade in Ukraine.

For the upgrade, a new sighting system with thermal imaging has been installed in the tank, which enables detection, recognition and destruction of the enemy by firing the 125mm cannon at any time of the day and in all weather conditions.

At the same time, other crew members have received new night vision devices with a third-generation electro-optical converter. These devices are highly resistant to light interference; they are not sensitive to illumination even when used by the enemy for special interference in the infrared range. In addition, they are mounted on a regular mount and connected to the tank's electrical network without changing it, which significantly reduces the time and cost for integrating devices into combat vehicle systems.

Also, the 2017 T-64 has received a new dynamic protection that greatly enhances the level of defense of the combat vehicle and effectively counteracts all modern antitank weapons: cumulative and armor-piercing, as well as shock-cumulative ammunition.

Another feature of the T-64 sample of 2017 is the satellite navigation system from the State enterprise "Arizona-Navigation", which is a part of Ukroboronprom. This navigation system works in an automated digital system that allows exchanging securely online encrypted data. The location of each tank can be transmitted to commanders of all levels, from the platoon commander to the commander of the entire combat operation.

The tanks are also equipped with the new Libid K-2RB digital radios, which provide reliable interference protection and communications interception up to 70 kilometers away.

It should be noted that earlier modernizations of T-64 tanks to this level was carried out only by Kharkiv Armored Plant, which already sent more than 150 modified T-64 tanks of the 2017 variant to the Ukrainian army. Sending thanks to the facilities of the Lviv Armored Plant for re-equipping Ukrainian troops with modernized vehicles will be much faster. Two tank companies are nearly fully equipped with 2017-model T-64s.


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