AUSA 2018: AM General to build French ARQUUS Bastion 4x4 APC in U.S.

At AUSA 2018, Association of United States Army defense exhibition that takes place this week in Washington D.C., American Company AM General launches partnership with French Company ARQUUS to build and market Bastion APC 4x4 armored vehicle personnel carrier for the US Foreign Military Sales channel.

AM General to build French ARQUUS Bastion 4x4 APC in United States AUSA 2018 United States Army defense exhibition 925 001
ARQUUS Bastion APC 4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicle at the booth of AM General during AUSA 2018, Association of United States Army defense exhibition in Washington D.C., United States. (Picture source AM General)

Through its military business, AM General is widely recognized as the world leader in design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics support of Tactical Vehicles, having produced and sustained more than 300,000 vehicles in over 70 countries.

The American Company AM General, designer and manufacturer of the most popular wheeled tactical vehicle HUMVEE, continues to expand its product portfolio beyond light tactical vehicles. AM General’s partnership with French Company ARQUUS to build the 12-ton armored personnel carrier Bastion APC for the US Foreign Military Sales channel is an example of how the company can maximize its expertise in manufacturing, supply chain management and full product support to bring a tremendous vehicle to US Foreign Military markets.

At AUSA 2018, AM General presents the Bastion APC, a 12-ton personnel carrier based off the proven ARQUUS VLRA 2 4x4 wheeled tactical vehicle that will be built in the United States by AM General. It offers a combination of tactical performance, robust capability and simplified maintenance. The armored hull features the protection against ballistic threats, mines and IEDs as well as large internal volume.

The Bastion APC is a 4×4 armored personnel carrier vehicle that was produced by French Company ACMAT, a subsidiary of ARQUUS formerly Renault Trucks Defense. The vehicle was unveiled in June 2010 during the defense exhibition in France, Eurosatory. The vehicle is now in service with many African countries in different configurations.

Design of the Bastion APC ARQUUS is divided in three main parts, with the engine at the front, crew in the middle and troop's compartment at the rear. The Bastion APC can carries ten soldiers in an internal volume of 8.5m³, including driver and commander at the front and eight soldiers at the rear.

The high hardness armored steel hull of the Bastion APC provides all-round protection against infantry rifles and machine guns (ballistic protection Level 1 to Level 3, NATO STANAG 4569) and artillery shell splinters. The anti-mine protection is Levels 2a / 2b NATO STANAG 4569.

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