Plasan ATeMM Electric platform turns 4x4 Diesel vehicle into hybrid electric 6x6

The Israeli company Plasan has developed the ATeMM (All-Terrain Electric Mission Module) which is an electric platform with its own power, batteries, motor and steering and when is connected behind a vehicle, it turns all 4x4 Diesel vehicles into a hybrid electric 6x6 vehicle. At the same time, the ATeMM can be also used as an autonomous robotic platform.
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Plasan ATeMM All-Terrain Electric Mission Module at AUSA 2022 defense exhibition in Washington D.C. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The ATeMM (All-Terrain Electric Mission Module) is connected to the main vehicle via a three points fast connection system enabling to convert a connected 4x4 Diesel vehicle into a 6x6 hybrid electric platform. Using the ATeMM-T, the main vehicle continues to maintain its mobility without any change for the driver of the towing vehicle. Two ATeMM vehicles can be connected offering the power and the mobility of an 8x8 vehicle for the host 4x4 vehicle.

According to the combat situation, the ATeMM can be detached from the host vehicle and used as an automatic robotic platform that can be operated via remote control.

The ATeMM-T is electrically powered and features a 200 kW traction motor capable of outputting over 5,700 Nm at the axle, a 47 kWh battery pack providing power to the motor, and an optional Off-Board Vehicle Power (OBVP). It is based on a single axle and flat platform which is able to carry a payload of up to 1,150 kg. The vehicle is also designed to be used in off-road conditions using independent airbag suspensions and 285/70 R 17 Run Flat tires.

In terms of technical features, the ATeMM-T has a curb weight of 1,600 kg, a length of 1.8 meters, and a width of 1.9 meters.

Two ATeMM-T trailers can be connected to offer an autonomous robotic platform, in this case, the ATeMM-T becomes a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) and can be deployed on the battlefield to conduct a wide range of missions according to the payload equipment mounted on the vehicle. Up to four ATeMM-T can be connected to form an 8x8 autonomous vehicle able to carry weapon stations, reconnaissance and observation equipment, sensors on a telescopic mast, drones, as well as other military equipment with a fully electric drive providing power equivalent to 800 HP

When the ATeMM is used as an autonomous robotic system, the ATeMM-T can provide power for command posts, communication systems, surveillance systems, UAS Unmanned Aerial System, counter UAS payloads, recharge system for batteries soldiers, remote weapon stations, and more. 

During the latest Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris, Plasan displayed its ATeMM-T fitted with a remotely operated weapon station armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon and Rafael Spike anti-tank missiles. The rear part of the vehicle was also fitted with an additional platform carrying a quadcopter drone.