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ASLAV 8x8 light armoured vehicle
Aslav gun 25mm wheeled armoured infantry fighting vehicle Australian Army 640
The ASLAV is a family of 8x8 light armoured vehicle which was manufactured based on the American-made LAV-25 under a program for the Australian army. The vehicle was built by the Canadian Company Diesel Division, General Motors which is now General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada.

Sentinel 2 8x8 combat reconnaissance armoured vehicle
Sentinel II 8x8 combat reconnaissance armoured vehicle ST Kinetics Elbit Australia Australian defense industry 640 001
The Sentinel II is an 8x8 armored reconnaissance vehicle jointly designed and developed by the Companies ST Kinetics of Singapore and Elbit Systems Australia. Team Sentinel, led by Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA), is offering the Sentinel II for the Australian Land 400 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability (MCRC) request for tender.

AMV35 8x8 combat reconnaisance armoured vehicle
AMV35 8x8 combat reconnaissance armoured vehicle Australia Australian army military equipment defense industry 640 001The AMV35 is an 8x8 combat reconnaissance vehicle jointly developed by the Defence Companies Patria and BAE Systems. These companies have submitted a bid for the Australian Army’s Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) program, 225 vehicles in seven role variants based on a combat proven vehicle platform and weapon system.

The Thales Bushmaster is a 4x4 wheeled highly mobile, ballistics, mine, and improvised explosive device (IED) blast resistant Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV).

The Thales Hawkei is a 4x4 light wheeled protected vehicle buit by Thales on its significant experience with the Australian Bushmaster program to design this next generation vehicle. Drawing on both international and local expertise provided by Boeing, PAC Group or Plasan, and numerous Australian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), the vehicle’s design incorporates world-leading innovative technologies.