The Bolivian President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Bolivian armed Forces. He transmits his orders through the Minister of Defence and the Head Commander as regards administrative and operational issues, respectively. The Commander-in-Chief of the armed Forces is the highest command, coordination, direction and decision body for operational aspects. The total active manpower of the Bolivian Armed Forces is around 31,500 personnel, including 19,000 conscripts. There is also a Para-military force with 25,000 police officer, 15,000 personnel from anti drug force and 5,000 border guards.
The land forces of the Bolivian army are composed with 23,000 soldiers, including 19,000 conscripts with the following structure:
- HQ: 6 Mil Regions
- Army HQ direct control: 1 armoured battalion, 1 mechanised cavalry regiment, 1 Presidential
Guard infantry regiment, 1 anti-aircraft regiment, 3 Special Forces regiments, 2 aviation company,
- 10 division with 7 cavalry groups (5 horsed, 1 motorised, 1 assault), 3 motorised infantry regiments
2 mechanised infantry regiment, 21 infantry battalions, 6 artillery battalions, 2 airborne battalions, 6 engineer battalions.

Military equipment and vehicles of Bolivian Army of Bolivia