The President of Brazil is the Commander-in-Chief of the Brazilian armed forces. The National Defence Council, which includes the Vice President, the President of the Chamber and the Senate, and the Minister of Defense, Justice, Foreign Affairs and Planning, advises the President on all issues related to national sovereignty and the defence of the Brazil. The Brazilian Ministry of Defence further coordinate defense policies. The total active manpower of Brazilian armed forces is around 260,000 personnel. There is also a Para military forces with around 243,000 personnel. Conscription is 12 months.
The Land forces of the Brazilian army is around 180,000 soldiers with the structure:
- 1 frontier brigade with 6 army battalions
- 1 Armoured cavalry brigade with 1 artillery battalion, 1 armoured battalion 2 armoured cavalry battalions
- 4 mechanised brigades each with 1 armoured cavalry battalion, 1 artillery battalion, 2 mechanised cavalry battalions
- 3 armoured infantry brigades each with 1 armoured cavalry battalion, 1 artillery battalion, 2 armoured infantry battalions
- 1 Special Forces brigade with 1 Special Forces battalion and 1 Commando battalion
- 26 motorised infantry battalions,
- 1 Light infantry brigade with 3 light infantry battalions, 6 jungle battalions
- 6 medium group’s artillery, 4 groups of self-propelled artillery, 1 air defense battalion, 2 engineer battalions, 2 groups with 9 engineer battalions, 2 helicopter squadrons

Military equipment and vehicles of Brazilian Army of Brazil