The The Royal Cambodian Armed Forces (RCAF) consists of the Supreme Command Headquarters (SCHQ) located in Phnom Penh, three distinct forces, the Army, Navy, Air Force and the military police. The RCAF was created in 1993 by the merger of the Cambodian People's Armed Forces and the two noncommunist resistance armies. The total armed forces of Cambodian army, is currently some 95,000 soldiers, with plan of reduction to some 70,000 soldiers.
The Land Forces of Cambodian army is some 65,000 soldiers with the structure :
- 1 Army HQ, with 5 military regions and Special military regions and 3 interventions brigades.
- 22 infantry divisions
- 3 independent infantry divisions
- 1 protection brigade
- 9 independent infantry regiments
- 3 armoured battalions
- 1 regiment Special Forces
- 4 engineer regiments
- some independent units reconnaissance and artillery

Military equipment and vehicle Cambodian army