Russia Western Military District troops receive new Strela-10MN mobile air defense missile systems 20112151

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Russia Western Military District troops receive new Strela-10MN mobile air defense missile systems
More than ten Strela-10MN mobile air defense missile systems have arrived for air defense units of the Western Military District’s motor rifle brigade based in the Leningrad Region in northwest Russia, district spokesman Oleg Kochetkov said on Monday, Nov. 30, 2015.
Russia Western Military District troops receive new Strela 10MN mobile air defense missile system 640 001The Strela-10MN is an upgraded night version of the Strela-10M3 air defense system
"The air defense units are currently learning to operate the new systems. They will conduct their first live-firing exercises already in the next training year," he said.

It was reported earlier that the Eastern Military District’s air defense units had received ten Strela-10MN systems in the autumn of 2015. This year, systems of this type have arrived for units stationed in south Russia.

The Strela-10 air defense missile system is designed to defend units in various combat situations and on the march from attack and reconnaissance aircraft diving and flying at low and ultralow altitudes.

The Strela-10M4 is an advanced version of the Strela-10 system, which is able to search for and eliminate targets 24 hours a day in limited visibility.

The air defense missile system provides for an autonomous and automatic sector-wide search for targets.

The Strela-10M4 air defense missile system is armed with eight 9M333/9M37M/9M37MD surface-to-air missiles. The system has a maximum range of 5,000 meters. It can hit targets flying at a speed of 420 m/s at a maximum altitude of 3,500 meters.

The system is capable of accomplishing combat tasks during jamming. The missile reloading time is about 10 minutes. The system’s chassis is an adapted version of the MTLB tracked prime mover. Unlike the baseline Strela-10, the Strela-10M4 system needs only minor debugging, which makes the process of its upgrade much easier.
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