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At IDEX 2019, the International Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, Inkas Vehicles LLC, an international armored and security vehicles manufacturer based in United Arab Emirates presents latest generation of APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) in the Titan family including the Titan-DS SWAT and the Titan-DS 4x4 APC, booth vehicles was also demonstrated in live demonstration during IDEX 2019.

As the Chinese manufacturer already did at IQDEX 2018 in Baghdad, NORINCO displayed its Red Arrow 10 antitank guided missiles (ATGM), also referred to as HJ-10, in their canisters on a VN1 8x8 APC. Unlike the HJ-10A ATGM system unveiled by the Chinese manufacturer during the Zhuhai Air Show in 2016, the HJ-10A ATGM system exhibited uses the export version on a VN-1 8x8 chassis (export version of Chinese ZBL-09).

While displaying its Hawkei NGPV (New-Generation Protected Vehicle), Thales Australia confirmed the vehicle is now in production for the Australian army, 70 units having already been delivered. The full-rate production will start by the end of 2019, a few months late on initial schedule. 1,100 units (plus 1,000 associated trailers) are to be delivered to the Australian army by 2021.

Given the rise of asymmetric threats targeting military and critical infrastructure, reinforcing assets with actionable intelligence is a must. At IDEX 2019, Rheinmetall was highlighting its status as a leading supplier of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, targeting, acquisition and reconnaissance (C4ISTAR) capabilities with its groundbreaking Rheinmetall Command and Control Software (RC2S). This software is fully integrated with the Vingtaqs II, the Fieldranger Multi-weapon station, and the Argus soldier system – to name just a few – for optimized military operations.

Airport operators, armed forces and organisers of major events are rightly concerned about the threat from cheaply-available commercial drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Remotely-Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS). Leonardo is emerging as a leader in the domain following reports that the Company’s ‘Falcon Shield’ system was brought in to secure London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports when they were targeted by drones in December and January.

At IDEX 2019, the International Defense Exhibition in United Arab Emirates, International Armored Group (IAG), one of the largest privately owned armored vehicle manufacturers in the world unveils three new armored vehicles specifically designed for the modern military and law enforcement units including the Guardian Xtreme 4x4 MRAP, the RILA 315 4x4 MRAP and the Blast & Ballistic Certified Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

On the occasion of the IDEX 2019, Nexter exposes an armed variant of the Optio range. Combining Milrem's "THeMIS" remote control platform and a Nexter remote-controlled 20mm turret, Optio-X20 will help preserve the lives of soldiers in high-intensity combat or when used in a hostile environment and provide the combat group with means of observation and fire support operated remotely under the control of the human operator.

At IDEX 2019, TRB (Tehnicki Remont Bratunac) from Republika Srpska presented some of their products, such as the RS9 Vampire or the Despot 4x4 armored vehicle. The Despot is a multi-purpose, highly protected off-road 4x4 armored vehicle, jointly developed by TRB and the Government of Republic of Srpska, and was revealed on the National Day of Republic of Srpska - 09 January 2019.