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DroneShieldlaunches a breakthrough new product, DroneGun Mk4, a portable pistol-shape drone jammer, weighing 3.2kg. It is designed as an addition to the DroneGun product line, rather than replacing the highly successful long-range DroneGun Tactical, and the ultra-lightweight DroneGun Mk3, providing an optimal balance between size and capability. DroneGun Mk4 can also be used in combination with other DroneShield products, including the RfPatrol body-worn detection device and the DroneSentry stationary multi-sensor detection system.

Elbit Systems UK has successfully upgraded its Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation [Deployable] (ICAVS(D)) system with an advanced simulation software called Defence Virtual Simulation 2 (DVS2). This is the first complex British Army training capability to be fully integrated with DVS2 which utilises Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS4, VBS Blue Image Generator and One World Terrain.

Russia continues to develop and test a variety of advanced weapons, including ground combat equipment, topwar.ru website reports. As it became known, state tests of new armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles produced on the VPK-7829 Boomerang (Bumerang) platform are being carried out. The tests will take place until the end of this year and include checking shooting, running and other data, RIA Novosti reports.

In February 2023, the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) successfully tested a new unmanned aerial delivery platform: the GD-2000 glider (GD-200 stands for ‘glider disposable 2,000 lbs.’). This glider is an alternative to the current means of supply delivery into diverse environments. Implementation of the glider will result in enhanced capabilities of the Special Forces detachments deployed through varied, and often restrictive, terrain.

The Spanish International Fair of Defense and Security (FEINDEF) has concluded the commercialization of its exhibition spaces for the third edition of FEINDEF 23, which will take place on May 17, 18, and 19, 2023, in Madrid, Spain. With seven weeks until its celebration, more than 400 defense and security companies have already booked their space, accounting for 100% of the total available space.

Images of Aselsan's new hybrid air defense system were shared with the Turkish Patent with patent registration number 2023 001350, Kaan Azman reports in defenseturk.net. The images are considered to be included in the patent application files. Although there was no official statement about the project, work on a hybrid air defense system was ongoing.

Rheinmetall has welcomed the Germany-Australia letter of cooperation to progress a proposal to build Boxer CRV Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles in Australia for export to Germany, expanding the close cooperation and defence partnership between the two nations in the land domain. The Boxers to be built in Australia are intended for the German Army’s “schwerer Waffenträger Infanterie” (heavy weapon carrier infantry), a direct tactical fire support vehicle for infantry forces.

The United Kingdom recently hosted its first-ever trial of heavy unmanned ground systems (H-UGVs), with select companies from the Human-Machine Teaming framework invited to demonstrate their vehicle capabilities to the British Army. Held at the Armored Trials and Development Unit in Bovington, Dorset, the two-week event saw H-UGVs weighing over five tonnes undergo rigorous tests to assess their effectiveness in battlefield situations.

Day 2 for Army Recognition editorial team at SOFINS 2023, Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar that was held at the Souge military base, near Bordeaux, in the southwest of France. In this article, enjoy a video-based virtual tour of SOFINS 2023 with Mr. Benoit de Saint Sernin, President of the Cercle de l'Arbalète, organizer of SOFINS.

In recent information released by the Ukrainian Air Force on March 31, 2023, spokesperson Yurii Ihnat confirmed that the nation's air force has now integrated JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) GPS-guided precision bombs into their aircraft fleet. This advanced weaponry is expected to enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian Air Force in their ongoing operations against the Russian armed forces.

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