Brazilian army conducts firing tests with new SS-60 rocket launcher from ASTROS MLRS

According to a video published by the Brazilian armed forces on July 31, 2021, Army Artillery Command of the Brazilian army has conducted firing tests with the new upgraded SS-60 rocket launched from ASTROS II wheeled self-propelled multiple rocket launcher (MLRS) produced in Brazil by the company Avibras.
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Brazilian army has conducted firing tests with the new upgraded SS-60 rocket from ASTROS MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System. (Picture source Brazilian army)

The upgraded SS-60 rocket is developed by the Brazilian armed forces as part of the ASTROS 2020 program with the aim to have a new rocket launcher vehicle able to fire tactical cruise missiles with a range of up to 300 km.

The ASTROS II artillery system entered service with the Brazilian Army in 1983. The system is battle-proven, having been used in action by the Iraqi Army in the Gulf Wars. The ASTROS 2020 is an ambitious program launched by the Brazilian army to develop the new ASTROS MK6 based on the Tatra Trucks’ T815-790R39 6×6 and T815-7A0R59 4×4 trucks instead of the original Mercedes-Benz 2028A 6x6 truck. ASTROS 2020 offers several basic improvements including an improved armored cabin, modern digital communications and navigation systems, and a new tracking radar that replaces the AV-UCF’s Contraves Fieldguard system.

During the edition 2019, of the LAAD defense exhibition, Brazilian company AVIBRAS has displayed its new AV-MTC tactical cruise missile part of the ASTROS 2020 program. The missile is able to reach a target at a maximum range of 300 km. The missile is powered initially by a solid-fuel rocket motor and guided by an inertial navigation system (INS) and GPS. The new missile has a length of 5.5 m, a weight of 1,400 kg. It can fly at a maximum speed of 800 km/h and can carry a 200 kg HE (High Explosive) warhead.

The SS-60 rocket is produced by Avibras Indústria Aerospacial of Brazil. The rocket can be fired from the ASTROS series of multiple-launch rocket systems (MLRS), which are currently capable of firing five types of unguided rockets

The SS-60 is the standard long-range artillery rocket. This variant has the largest warhead of the ASTROS series. A single rocket is carried in a reloading box. The ASTROS MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) vehicle is able to carry four SS-60 rockets. The standard SS-60 rocket has a maximum firing range of 70 km.