Russia launches serial production of missiles for S-500 air defense system

Enterprises of Russia’s Almaz-Antey Corporation have launched serial production of missiles for prospective S-500 Prometey air defense missile systems, a source in the defense industry told TASS.
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 S-500 surface-to-air defense missile system (Picture source: Russian MoD)

“In accordance with the contract signed by the Russian Defense Ministry and the Almaz-Antey Corporation in late 2020, the production of serial missiles to be delivered to the Aerospace Force is in progress,” the source said.

TASS does not have any official information about the issue.

According to another source, state trials of the S-500 system “are currently under way at a testing range in southern Russia.” They are expected to be completed in late 2021.

The Defense Ministry’s press office said on July 20 that the S-500 air defense missile system had hit a high-speed ballistic target at the Kapustin Yar range during a test launch. The press office reported that the system had confirmed its combat capabilities and demonstrated high reliability.

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