Australian Maritime Alliance and IMC Naval Architects to deliver Oboe for Australian amphibious operations

According to Army Technology, the Australian Maritime Alliance (AMA), a joint venture of Serco and Civmec, announced a collaboration with IMC Naval Architects (IMC ) to support the Australian Army’s LAND 8710 Phase 1A. As part of the partnership, AMA will deliver its modernised ‘Oboe’ design for the Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel – Medium (LMV-M).
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Australian Maritime Alliance's 'Oboe' design. (Illustration source: Serco Asia Pacific)

The amphibious vessel ‘Oboe’ comprises a through-deck design that will support the Army with flexible load/offload options and quicker ramp-to-ramp operations with amphibious and sealift ships. Oboe’s three-deck design with large full-width compartments will facilitate crew accommodation and engineering spaces. This will also make space for 200m² of useable vehicle deck for mixed load configurations. The vessel will support the personnel with quality seakeeping and load carrying capabilities.

Serco Defence managing director Clint Thomas said: “Partnering with IMC demonstrates the importance of maximising Australian industry capability while drawing upon Serco’s global shipbuilding expertise to ensure Ama delivers the best possible solutions and advancements for the Australian Defence Force.