Osprea Logistics sends batch of Mamba MK7 MRAP to West African country

According to a recent post on LinkedIn, Osprea Logistics has dispatched an additional shipment of Mamba MK7 vehicles to an undisclosed country in West Africa. This nation intends to utilize the Mamba MK7 to enhance the protection of its soldiers and security personnel against various threats, including insurgent groups and security challenges.
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Osprea Logistics sends a batch of Mamba MK7 MRAP to an undisclosed African country. (Picture source Osprea Logistics)

The Mamba MK7, an updated version of the Osprea Mamba MK5 APC manufactured in the United States, aims to build upon the capabilities of its predecessors by incorporating advanced technology, improved armor protection, and enhanced tactical features.

The Mamba MK7 has been designed to offer enhanced protection against ballistic and mine-blast threats, along with improved maneuverability and versatility compared to its earlier models. It has been deployed in environments prone to landmines and has found application in military, law enforcement, and peacekeeping operations across different regions.

Key technical specifications of the Mamba MK7 include a Deutz BF6L9l4C Turbo engine generating 203 horsepower, coupled with an Allison 2500SP automatic gearbox featuring six forward gears and one reverse gear. The vehicle maintains a permanent 4x4 drive configuration and measures 6.3 meters in length, 2.7 meters in width, and 2.6 meters in height, striking a balance between mobility and crew capacity. The vehicle's capacity allows for the transportation of up to 2+9 personnel, and it can support an additional payload of up to 4,500 kilograms. With a ground clearance of 40 centimeters and the ability to ford depths of up to 1.2 meters, the MK7 is designed to navigate various terrains and obstacles.

In terms of performance, the Mamba MK7 can achieve a maximum speed of 105 kph and boasts a road range exceeding 800 km at a speed of 50 mph. It can handle gradients of up to 70% and features a side tipping angle of 32.7 degrees, along with a vertical step-up of 60 cm.

The Mamba MK7 is equipped with advanced protection features, including ballistic protection constructed from B7 steel and glass. The option to upgrade to Stanag 3 provides enhanced resistance against 0.50 caliber threats. It has undergone rigorous testing against mine blasts, demonstrating its ability to withstand 10 kg ATA mines under the vehicle hull and 14 kg ATA mines under its wheels.

Regarding offensive capabilities, the MK7 can be equipped with various weaponry, ranging from a 20mm cannon to 82mm smoke launchers and mortars. The vehicle features 7 window firing points, 4 roof firing points, and 3 mounts for versatile engagement. The inclusion of a mechanically or electrically operated turret enhances the vehicle's combat adaptability.

A notable aspect of the MK7 is its modular interior design, allowing it to be configured for different roles such as troop transport, command and control center, ambulance, emergency recovery vehicle, EOD unit, and IED interrogator arm vehicle. This modularity simplifies training, maintenance, and logistical support, contributing to its overall utility.