Spanish marines acquire new AXMC precision rifles in .338 caliber

On August 25, 2023, the Spanish Marine Infantry finalized a deal for the purchase of 25 AXMC precision rifles. Manufactured by the British company Accuracy International, these rifles are equipped in .338 caliber and offer a range exceeding 1,500 meters. The contract, valued at nearly half a million euros, was signed with Madrid-based distributor Pulex 95.
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AXMC Precision Rifles .338 Caliber (Picture source: Accuracy International )

The agreement was concluded in mid-August, according to official announcements, and the delivery of the rifles is expected within a maximum period of 10 months. The total cost of the transaction amounts to 456,509 euros, including taxes. Although the specific units set to receive these rifles have not been disclosed, indications suggest they will be deployed within the Protection Force and the Special Naval Warfare Force.

At the core of the AXMC is its proofed steel action, which is bolted and bonded to an aluminum chassis. This robust construction is complemented by the Quickloc quick-release barrel system. This feature allows for rapid barrel changes, making the rifle adaptable to various calibers and mission requirements. The action and the forend rail conform to the 30 MOA STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 specifications, providing a solid foundation for mounting optics and other accessories.

Regarding the bolt, the AXMC employs a 6-lug, 60-degree design with a leaf spring extractor. This ensures that the bolt action is not only smooth but also extremely reliable under all conditions. Safety is another area where the AXMC excels, featuring a three-position safety mechanism that offers maximum flexibility and security.

The two-stage trigger is adjustable for both reach and weight, allowing for a customized pull between 1.5 and 2 kg. This level of customization ensures that the shooter can fine-tune the rifle to their specific needs, thereby improving accuracy and comfort. The AXMC comes with a detachable 10-round CIP length double-stack magazine, which can also be top-loaded through the rifle's ejection port. The design even includes a left-side magazine port cut-out for easier magazine insertion.

The stock folds over the bolt on the right side, making the rifle more compact for transport. Both the cheekpiece and the buttpad are adjustable. For those who require quick adjustments in the field, the rifle features flush cup sling attachment points.

The AXMC is not just about the rifle itself but also about the range of accessories and options it offers. From tactical threaded double chamber muzzle brakes for AI suppressors to STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 accessory rails, the rifle can also be fitted with various bipods, rear butt spikes, and caliber conversion kits, including options for .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .308 Winchester. Its full length is 1250 mm x 185 mm x 100 mm, and when the stock is folded, it compacts to 1040 mm x 185 mm x 105 mm. Its weight is 6.8 kg.

Spain continues to strengthen its capabilities with this new purchase of precision rifles. In recent days, the country has signed a number of contracts and is following the global trend of bolstering its armed forces.