SAAB Carl Gustaf M4 anti-tank weapon enters into service with Estonia and Latvia

According to information published by the Estonian Center for Defence Investment, Estonia and Latvia have ordered Carl Gustaf M4 man-portable anti-tank weapon designed and manufactured by the Swedish company SAAB.
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Estonia soldier presents the Swedish-made SAAB Carl Gustaf M4 man-portable multi-role weapon system. (Picture source Estonia MoD)

In June 2019, the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment signed a cooperation agreement with the Defence Resources Agency and Saab, and last year Latvian partners were also involved in the procurement of new Carl-Gustav M4 man-portable anti-tank weapon and their ammunition.

The Carl Gustaf M4 was unveiled in October 2014 during AUSA, the Association of the US Army in Washington D.C. Carl-Gustaf grenade launchers are used by several NATO members, including the United States. Estonia is one of the 14 countries that have ordered the latest Carl-Gustaf M4 in its modern modification.

The Carl Gustaf M4 man-portable multirole weapon system can fire three types of armor-penetrating grenades, three types of multi-purpose ammunition to destroy buildings and transport vehicles, neutralize live forces, while also being capable of firing two types of ammunition for use against enemy infantry, as well as smoke and illumination grenades.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 has the advantage of being lighter. In the case of the M2 models currently in use, its weight reached 14.2 kilograms, with the new weapons weighing only seven kilograms. In addition, the new weapons are 13 centimeters shorter.

The HEAT (High-Explosive Anti-Tank) ammunition can penetrate up to 400 mm of rolled homogeneous armor. Ammunition with a tandem HEAT warhead is able to penetrate up to 500 mm of rolled homogeneous armor behind explosive reactive armor. The rate of fire is around 6 rounds per minute. The ammunition has an effective range of up to 400 m against tanks and 700 m against buildings and stationary targets. Some types of ammunition have a rocket booster to extend the range to up to 1,000 m.