Russian Corps of Engineers to get Uran-6 and Uran-14 robots

Russia’s Corps of Engineers continues receiving mine-clearance and firefighting robots, the Defense Ministry’s press office said : “The delivery of Uran-6 mine-clearance and Uran-14 firefighting robots continues. The Corps of Engineers has received 15 Uran-6 MRTK-R and seven Uran-14 MRTK-P systems,” the press office said. “In 2021, 20 Uran-6 and 17 Uran-14 robots are planned to be delivered to the Corps of Engineers.”
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Uran 6 mine clearing robot (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Uran-6 robot is intended to breach minefields and clear areas of explosives in remote-control mode at a distance of 1 km (0.6 mi) from the operator. The system excludes the direct contact between combat engineers and explosives. It ensures more effective mine clearance, which considerably enhances the capabilities of engineer units. It was reported earlier that the Russian Armed Forces’ International Mine Action Center in the Moscow Region had trained operators for upgraded Uran-6 mine-clearance robots.

The Uran-14 is a firefighting robot able to operate at high life-threatening temperatures in firefighting zones.

In 2020, engineer units received 639 items of engineer equipment, including armored mine-clearance vehicles with minesweeping gear, mobile mine-clearance systems, combined-arms mine-clearance sets, IMR-3M obstacle-clearing vehicles, Uran-6 mine-clearance and Uran-14 firefighting robots.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Uran 14 fire-fighting robot (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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