Uganda could be the customer of Hizir 4x4 armored from Katmerciler of Turkey

According to information published by snafu-solomon website on January 16, 2011, Uganda could be a customer of Hizir 4x4 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) designed and manufactured by the Turkish company Katmerciler.
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Katmerciler Hizir 4x4 armored vehicle. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Turkish company Katmerciler was established since the year 1985 and is a producer of military and security vehicles with business activities in more than 50 countries worldwide. In the defense sector, Katmerciler manufactures 4x4 armored vehicles, riot control vehicles, military trucks, and armored bulldozers.

In July 2019, Katmerciler has released a statement to announce the first export contract of Hizir 4x4 armored to an African country. The vehicle is also in service with the Turkish armed forces and deployed to protect the Turkish borders.

The Hizir is a 4x4 armored vehicle fully designed and manufactured by the Turkish company Katmerciler. The vehicle was launched in 2016 during the defense exhibition High-Tech Port expo in Turkey.

The Hizir 4x4 armored was developed according to NATO standards and approved by a foreign independent test institution after passing all performance and blast explosion tests.

The Katmerciler HIZIR, 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle can be used in various configurations such as combat vehicle, command control vehicle, CBRN vehicle, weapon carrier (easy integration of various weapon systems), ambulance vehicle, border security vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle.

The HIZIR is designed on a V-hull monocoque chassis to increase vehicle and crew survivability by deflecting an upward directed blast from a landmine or IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device) away from the vehicle. The vehicle can accommodate nine military personnel including driver and commander.