Ajna from India offers ESAS 3D vision capabilities mounted on BMP-2 tracked armored IFV

A picture posted on Twitter by The Dead District shows a system developed by the Indian Defence Research Wing that provides full 360° Situational Awareness Under Closed Hatches to Indian BMP-2 IFVs. A video also shows this system.
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Indian BMP-2 IFV fitted with Ajna ESAS (Enhanced Situational Awareness System) (Picture source Ajna)

Driving, commanding and fighting from an armored vehicle, be it an APC, an IFV or a tank, among others, using only episcopes to look at the surroundings when the hatches are close is difficult and imposes several limitations. Hence the usefulness of the situational awareness system developed by Indian company AjnaLens.

AjnaESAS (Enhanced Situational Awareness System) is a see-through armour technology designed to upgrade Indian BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles. It uses a set of high-resolution day and night cameras with zooming capabilities mounted on a mast aiming at providing the crew with a 360° panoramic view of its environment under closed hatches, thus helping the crew to avoid exposure to high risks. Commander and driver wear augmented reality glasses (made in India) linked to the system. The orientation/direction (generated by the compass) in which the wearer looks appears at the bottom of the screen (lenses). The user can zoom on any objects he wants. The switching from day to night mode is instantaneous. The SEAS can be enhanced with an IFF to immediately identify friends or foes on a battlefield.

AjnaLens is reported to have completed the field trials, hence claiming that its AjnaESAS is ready to be fitted on the Indian Army‘s tanks as well as on a wide range of armored fighting vehicles.