Contract for SCD.USA Infrared LLC to support AN/VSQ-6B Vehicle Optics Sensor System of US Army

According to a contract released by the U.S. DoD (Department of Defense) on July 27, 2020, American company SCD.USA Infrared LLC, Melbourne, Florida, was awarded a $17,425,550 firm-fixed-price contract for sustainment support services for the AN/VSQ-6B Vehicle Optics Sensor System (VOSS) for U.S. Army.
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MMPV Type II with VOSS Vehicle Optic Sensor System. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

SemiConductor Devices USA Infrared LLC (SCD.USA-IR), is a US company established in August 2007 in Melbourne, Florida. The company provides customized Infrared Sensing Solutions for our customers incorporating technology from our parent company, SCD, which is a leading world-wide foundry for optoelectronic technology and manufacturing based in Haifa, Israel.

The AN/VSQ-6B Vehicle Optics Sensor System is a surveillance system designed for vehicles supporting route and area clearance of explosives, ordnance and other threats.

The VOSS is a gyrocam system that uses gyro-stabilized electro-optical sensors and night vision devices designed for bad weather and completely dark nights. It can be used by ground vehicles, aircraft and ships, as well as in static positions for area security.

The systems are used by the U.S. military, NATO and law enforcement agencies. The VOSS is often mounted on mine-resistant protected vehicles used by ground forces, including those used during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.