Czech army takes delivery of new UGV-Pz unmanned ground vehicles to conduct trial tests

The Czech Military Technical Institute, a state enterprise established by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic has delivered first prototypes of 6x6 UGV-Pz Unmanned Ground Vehicle to the Czech army for trial tests.
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New UGV-Pz Unmanned Ground Vehicles developed by the Czech Military Technical Institute. (Picture source Czech Military Technical Institute)

The two prototypes of the UGV-Pz Unmanned Ground Vehicles are based on the 6x6 TAROS UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) platform, one of the vehicles is designed as a cargo carrier and it can be also used for reconnaissance missions or electronic warfare operations equipped with opto-electronic systems, radar, acquisition and target acquisition systems and different types of sensors.

The UGV-Pz prototype also includes a ground control station kit consisting of three vehicles including two operator workstations and one commander station. The UGV-PZ has been designed as a modular vehicle that can be easily configured according to mission requirements.

The UGV-Pz can be easily transported by the LOV 50B vehicle, a Czech version of the LMV 4x4 tactical vehicle produced by the Italian company IVECO Defense.

The TAROS 6x6 is a UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) developed by VOP CZ in collaboration with its subsidiary Centre for Advanced Field Robotics (CAFR), and Tactical Department of the Faculty of Military Leadership of the University of Defense in Brno. The vehicle was designed to provide combat and logistic support in high-risk areas and complex environments. It can be used to monitor the perimeter of critical infrastructure but also to protect such areas using lethal or non-lethal weapons mounted on the vehicle.

The TAROS UGV is powered by an electric/hybrid propulsion system. Each wheel is driven by an electric motor, which develops a power of 4.8kW. It has a length of 2.74m, 1.77m wide and 2.04m high. The gross weight of the vehicle is approximately 1,400kg.

Each wheel of the TAROS is equipped with 10kW electro-motor drive-train, transmission and suspension systems, as well as an electro-mechanical actuator for steering. The damaged wheels or electromotor of the vehicle can be easily be replaced by the soldiers using the onboard tool kit.

Czech army takes delivery of new UGV Pz unmanned ground vehicle to conduct trial tests 925 002
TAROS 6x6 platform UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Picture source VOP)

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