Indian Army receives Tata QRFV Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicles

Tata Advanced Defence Systems tweeted a video on July 25 that the Indian Army had taken delivery of an undisclosed number of Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicles (QRFVs), at least 10 appearing in the 12-second video. According to Tata, the armored vehicle will enhance military readiness for conflicts as tensions along the country’s borders with China grow. They would also be assigned to peacekeeping missions in which Indian detachments are or will be involved.
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QRFV Quick Reaction Fighting Vehicle (Picture source: Tata Advanced Systems Ltd)

Tata claims its QRFV offers a STANAG level 4 protection against up to 14kg and 21kg of explosives. The vehicle can carry 14 people, including the commander and driver, i.e. 2 tons. The turbodiesel engine develops 240hp. The vehicle is fitted with run-flat tires.

The delivery of QRFVs to the Indian Army is part of the country’s continuing investments to bolster its ground defense capabilities with more armored vehicles. Last year, India signified its intention to purchase 1,750 futuristic infantry combat vehicles equipped with CBRN protection and state-of-the-art weapons, without providing details.