US to provide four additional HIMARS rocket launchers to Ukraine to join the eight already delivered

According to a statement published by the United States Department of Defense on July 8, 2022, the United States will provide Ukraine with four additional M142 HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems which will complement the eight already in place.
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The first American M142 HIMARS donated to the Ukrainian army are already used for combat operations in Ukraine. (Picture source Ukraine MoD)

On July 8, 2022, the United States announced new military assistance to Ukraine valued at $400 million including a new type of 155 mm artillery ammunition as well as four additional HIMARS M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems. There is also additional ammunition for those HIMARS systems, some tactical vehicles, demolition munitions, spare parts, and other equipment.

The HIMARS has already shown its high efficiency in delivering accurate shots against Russian forces. The HIMARS is a mobile rocket launcher able to launch precision-guided rockets at a maximum range of 70 km.

In less than a week, the first Ukrainian M142 HIMARS rocket launchers have already destroyed more than a dozen Russian warehouses. Thanks to their long-range, these multiple rocket launchers allow the Ukrainians to strike far behind the front line while being out of range of Russian counter-battery fire.

Very soon, the Ukrainian army will also receive M270 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) from Germany, UK, and Norway. According to our information, the UK will give an undisclosed number of M270B1, which is a British version of the American M270 while Germany and Norway will each deliver three M270 rocket launcher systems.

The M270 and the HIMARS use the same launcher station and can fire the same rockets. The delivery of more HIMARS, as well as the M270, will increase the firepower for the Ukrainian armed forces.

The M142 HIMARS delivered by the United States are already used for combat operations by the Ukrainian army, in two weeks of use, the Ukrainians would have destroyed more than a dozen different targets, mainly ammunition depots or shelling Russian troops. Ukrainian soldiers are aware of the importance of HIMARS and the artillery systems are constantly on the move, only stopping for a few minutes to fire or to reload to avoid counter-battery fire from the Russian artillery.