IDEF 2023: Aselsan introduces new Software-Defined Network radios

At IDEF 2023, ASELSAN showcased their Software-Defined Network Radios (SDNRs), serving as communication infrastructure that connects various systems on the tactical field.
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Software-Defined Network Radios SDNR (Picture source: Aselsan )

At IDEF 2023 exhibition, Aselsan presented its SDNRs, currently deployed in over 20 countries and integrated into more than 100 platforms.

One key feature of the SDNRs is their adaptability, as they can accommodate numerous waveforms tailored to meet diverse tactical radio communication requirements. These contemporary waveforms offer advanced network capabilities complemented by cognitive capabilities.

Aselsan equips its SDNRs with cutting-edge Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (ECCM) technologies, ensuring secure and resilient communication for users.

It's worth noting that Aselsan offers a crucial capability: the transfer of SDNR technology to strategic partner countries, promoting collaboration and empowering these nations to develop and produce their own communication solutions.