IDEF 2023: Turkish company FNSS displays ZAHA MAV Marine Amphibious Vehicle with Caka RWS turret

At the present defense event IDEF 2023, FNSS proudly presents the Zaha Marine Amphibious Vehicle (MAV) equipped with its latest Caka RWS remote-controlled weapon station. This combination of technological innovations offers a high operational capability on both land and sea, solidifying FNSS's position as a leading provider of advanced solutions for military forces.
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FNSS displays ZAHA MAV Marine Amphibious Vehicle with Caka RWS turret. (Picture source: FNSS)

Marine Amphibious Vehicle (MAV)

The Zaha MAV is an amphibious vehicle designed for amphibious assault operations. Launched from amphibious assault ships, these vehicles can rapidly reach the shore, allowing marine units to disembark under armored protection. Its unique hull design and powerful water jets provide exceptional mobility, achieving a speed of 7 knots in water and a maximum speed of 70km/h on land. The MAV's self-righting ability and capacity to operate in challenging maritime conditions offer unmatched operational versatility.

The MAV design features a tracked chassis and a water-resistant hull, with the driver's seat positioned at the front left side of the hull and a commander's hatch just behind it. The vehicle accommodates a crew of three and can transport up to 21 infantry personnel. A hydraulic ramp at the rear of the hull enables infantry to swiftly enter or exit the vehicle, while a manual door is integrated into the hydraulic ramp in case of malfunction. The vehicle's aluminum hull provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters.

One of the most impressive features of the Zaha MAV is its ability to transport both troops and equipment, with superior ballistic and mine protection compared to its predecessors. This versatility enables the MAV to fulfill various roles, including personnel transport, battlefield support, beach recovery, combat engineering, and command post configurations. With the MAV, military forces have a vehicle that meets their most demanding operational requirements on both land and sea.

IDEF 2023 Turkish company FNSS displays ZAHA MAV Marine Amphibious Vehicle with Caka RWS turret 925 001

FNSS's Caka RWS remote-controlled turret. (Picture Source: Army Recogntion)

Caka RWS turret

FNSS's Caka RWS remote-controlled turret can be equipped with a dual armament, comprising a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun (M2). Featuring a two-axis electric stabilization, the turret allows operators to detect and track targets with unparalleled precision, even while on the move. Equipped with an advanced sighting system, including a thermal imager, a daylight camera, a laser range finder, and automatic target tracking, the turret ensures rapid target acquisition and precise engagement. The Caka RWS turret has a water-resistant structure. With the ability to carry a maximum load of ready-to-fire rounds, the turret ensures continuous firepower during land and maritime operations.