IDEF 2023: Ukrainian Armor displays Kamrat-M light armored vehicle for versatile operations

At the IDEF 2023 defense exhibition, Company Ukrainian Armor is displaying a new light armored vehicle called Kamrat-M. This versatile vehicle is designed for patrolling rough terrains, controlling riots, conducting special operations, and transporting wounded or detainees.
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Ukramor's Kamrat-M light armored vehicle (Picture source: Ukramor)

The Kamrat-M is a next-generation 4x4 armored personnel carrier (APC) developed by the Ukrainian company Armor in collaboration with PrJSC 'KrAZ'. It can reach a top speed of 140km/h on roads and travel up to 500km on a single tank. With its modernized off-road suspension and 4x4 configuration, it can pass gradients of up to 30° and side slopes of up to 20°.

Crew protection is of utmost importance, and the Kamrat-M offers excellent features in this regard. The crew compartment is equipped with multi-layer bulletproof glass, reinforced with an additional anti-spall layer, providing resistance against SVD rifle shots at a distance of 10 meters. The vehicle is equipped with anti-mine seats compliant with STANAG 4569 standards and NATO AEP-55 requirements, ensuring high-level protection against explosions with 5-point safety belts. A high-speed fire suppression system, equipped with UV IR detectors, can detect and extinguish fires within milliseconds, reducing the risk of fire incidents during operations.

The Kamrat-M is additionally fitted with an electric winch with a 7-ton towing capacity, along with a 25-meter steel cable, offering extra support for self-recovery and towing operations.

With compact dimensions - 6,400 mm in length, 2,385 mm in height, and 2,350 mm in width - and a ground clearance of 300mm, the Kamrat-M ensures optimal maneuverability in challenging environments, including the ability to ford depths of 0.75 meter.