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The European Defence Agency (EDA) and the European Network of National Safety Authorities on Ammunition (ENNSA) have kicked- off their latest ‘Round Robin Test’, focusing on ammunition monitoring for low-velocity 40x46mm grenades. The initiative is designed to compare test results obtained in different Member States’ laboratories working on ammunition safety. A Round Robin Test is an important tool to ensure ammunition's safety and reliability, especially after being in storage for many years.

As reported by to Chris Fletcher, Senior Army Media Officer of the British Army, 26 June marked the first anniversary of the launch of Operation Interflex, the codename given to the UK Armed Forces’ training programme to develop and prepare Ukrainian recruits to take the fight to their country’s Russian invaders.

Within the scope of a technology demonstration at the German Army Combat Training Centre (GÜZ), the sensor solution provider HENSOLDT has successfully demonstrated the operational capability of its land-based networked sensors with the technology demonstration vehicle "MUV". In front of representatives of the GÜZ, the Army Development Office (AHEntwg), the Army Command (KdoH), the BAAINBw and the Bundeswehr universities in Hamburg and Munich, the assisted and automated reconnaissance capabilities of the "MUV" could be compared against the real-time situation display of the "AGDUS" duel simulator used at the GÜZ.

The United States and Canada have jointly concluded a substantial counterterrorism and counter-weapons of mass destruction exercise known as Vital Archer 23. This bilateral military exercise, held throughout June 2023, sought to strengthen alliances and deliver significant and lasting benefits for the security of North America.

Citing information released by the Russian state arms export company ROSTEC on June 30, 2023, the first batch of the new 152mm tracked self-propelled howitzers, 2S19M1 a modernized version of the 2S19 MSTA-S, was delivered to the Russian army. This demonstrates once again that Russia's defense industry continues to produce at a high rate volume military combat vehicles and equipment, despite the economic and financial sanctions imposed on the country following the Russian armed forces' invasion of Ukraine.

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. - General Dynamics Land Systems Inc., a leading defense contractor headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, has been awarded a $257,602,312 contract modification on June 26, 2023, for M10 Booker 105mm tracked combat vehicle low-rate initial production. This comes after securing a substantial $1.14 billion Low Rate Initial Production award in 2022 for the M10 Booker, formerly known as the Mobile Protective Firepower (MPF).

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