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According to Sarah Lesedi in Military Africa, close to a hundred Cuban military mechanics and have refurbished and repaired more than 10,000 Samil and similar vehicles of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). Brigadier-General BG Mtsweni of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Logistics Division’s SA Forces Institute (SAFI) commended the 10-year life to date of the Cuban-South African defence bilateral agreement.

Sensor solutions provider Hensoldt has been able to demonstrate its capabilities in the field of high-performance and surveillance optronics. With 17 high-performance cameras of the type Z:NightOwl M, the company is supplying an easy-to-integrate system with extreme range to an unspecified country within Scandinavia. The size of the order is close to 10 million euros. At the customer's site, the cameras, which are equipped with a laser rangefinder, are used within the national border surveillance on land and at sea.

Lockheed Martin UK signs teaming agreement to join “Team Thunder” led by Hanwha Defense. The team, which also includes Pearson Engineering, Horstman Defence Systems, Leonardo UK, and Soucy Defense of the Soucy Group, will build an advanced variant of the K9 Self-Propelled Howitzer for the Royal Artillery, as part of the Mobile Fires Platform (MFP) programme for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).

As reported by TASS, Malaysia has no intention to give up on the maintenance and purchase of Russian-made military hardware despite the conflict in Ukraine, Malaysian Defense Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said: “The Russia-Ukraine conflict will not have any drastic impact on procurement and maintenance of the nation’s strategic assets”, the Star newspaper quoted the Malaysian Defense minister as saying.

During the NATO Defence Ministers that was held on March 16, 2022, in Brussels, the British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced that the United Kingdom (UK) will continue to supply military equipment and weapons to Ukraine. The British Defence Secretary highlighted that the UK would be providing Starstreak, a high-velocity anti-aircraft missile system, that complements the other military aid provided by the UK Armed Forces, including over 4,000 anti-tank missiles.

On March 15th, General Dynamics European Land Systems` local company GDELS-Romania (GDELS-RO) signed an agreement for the creation of an industrial consortium with its strategic Romanian partner, C.N. RomArm Uzina Mecanica Bucuresti (UMB), which marks a key milestone for the establishment of a national production capability for wheeled armored vehicles in Romania.

According to Taiwan News, Taiwan is set to receive its first two U.S.-made M1A2T main battle tanks by June 30. The two newly-built tanks will be handed over in the U.S., where Taiwanese Army officers will learn to drive, fire, and maintain the vehicles. After training, they will return to Taiwan as instructors, the Liberty Times reported. Taiwan purchased 108 M1A2T tanks in 2021.

According to Thomas Newdick in The War Zone, Russian Ground Forces Iskander-M short-range ballistic missiles (NATO designation: SS-26 Stone) have been using an apparently previously unseen decoy, in an effort to spoof Ukrainian air defenses. The missile has so far seen extensive use in the conflict, the Pentagon having assessed that as many as 100 were launched in only the first hours of the Russian invasion on February 24. It is likely that the Iskander-M systems have been releasing these decoys in response to being illuminated by air defense radars. According to the New York Times, “the use of the decoys may help explain why Ukrainian air-defense weapons have had difficulty intercepting Russia’s Iskander missiles”.

Kaplan MT Medium Tank Project was initiated with G2G Agreement between the Presidency of Defence Industries of Türkiye (SSB) and the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia. In 2015, a corporation agreement was signed between DG Defence Potential of Indonesia and SSB in order to develop two prototype vehicles. Within the scope of the project under the Kaplan MT (Tiger, or Harimau in the Indonesian language) Medium-Weight Class Tank Serial Production Long-Term Collaboration Agreement signed between FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. and PT Pindad in 2019, FNSS completed the production of the first batch of vehicles with the serial production configuration.

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