KIA presents new concept of military 4x4 all-terrain vehicle based on civilian SUV

According to information published this week by the Classic Cars and Auto Blog website, the military branch of the South Korean Company KIA has unveiled a new concept of 4x4 all-terrain vehicle based on civilian SUV and specially designed to be used by Special Forces.
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New KIA All-terrain 4x4 vehicle. (Picture source KIA)

Citing the website Auto Blog, the new KIA all-terrain vehicle will be based on the Mohave, a civilian SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) manufactured by the South Korean manufacturer Kia Motors.

The design of the new KIA All-Terrain vehicle is very similar to a 4x4 light tactical vehicle with the engine at the front, the crew compartment in the middle, and a cargo area at the rear. The vehicle is based on an open-top architecture with no side doors. A large cargo area is available at the rear of the vehicle which can be used to carry water, fuel, and ammunition boxes. The KIA All-terrain vehicle has a crew of four with two seats at the front and two seats at the rear

According to the Classic Cars website, the South Korean army has already shown interest in the new Kia vehicle. Kia plans to deliver first field tests to the South Korean MoD (Ministry of Defense) and the first vehicles could be entered into services with the army in 2024.

The new KIA all-terrain vehicle will be powered by y a 7.0-liter diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission.