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The first meeting of the newly created European Defence Standardisation Committee (EDSC) was held recently at EDA (via videoconference). The new body, which replaces the former Materiel Standardisation Group, will support and coordinate participating Member States’ efforts to move towards enhanced European defence standardisation with the aim of facilitating CSDP missions & operations and strengthening the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB).

SkyTrack represents the latest in optical UAS detection and tracking technology and ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, lead integrator of the Guardion C-UAS system, are the first to put SkyTrack through its paces ahead of first customer trials and the formal product launch.

Rheinmetall's game-changing Mission Master Autonomous - Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV) family has just gained a new member: the Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance. Equipped with intelligence-gathering technology and a Rheinmetall Fieldranger remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS), the new Armed Reconnaissance module is designed to collect tactical intelligence in the area of operations while providing frontline fire support whenever necessary.

Rheinmetall’s work in the field of cybersecurity received a special accolade at the Innovation Conference 2020, an event staged by CODE, a research institute with close ties to the Bundeswehr. The Innovation Conference coincided with CODE’s annual meeting at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich, which this year took place online.

The EDF (Estonian Defense Forces) has completed a firing of Spike SR (Short Range) missiles in a demonstration that took place in September. The demo was attended by several European delegations, members of the Spike User Club, and was preceded by brief instruction of the EDF team on the operation of the weapon.

Elettronica, a world leader in Electronic Warfare, Homeland Security and Cyber EW (Electronic Warfare) Intelligence, has appointed the company ADMI, a British communication agency, as its international Press Relations consultancy with immediate effect. Under this contract, ADMI will provide integrated marketing and communications services with a particular focus on press office and public relations concerning international Media.

Several types of China's new-generation military vehicles and intelligent equipment have been commissioned to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) border defense troops stationed in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region as cold weather descends on the region and border tensions remain high, Global Times reports.

According to information published by the Info Defensa website, a delegation of the Paraguayan Army was in Brazil to inspect the six M108 105mm tracked self-propelled howitzer donated by the Brazilian army. Currently, the Paraguayan Army has only old M101 105mm American-made towed howitzers.

According to an article published in the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces magazine, edition August/September 2020, Morocco confirms the acquisition of French-made Nexter CAESAR 155mm 6x6 self-propelled howitzers. Citing a Tweet of Defence360, Morocco will purchase 30 CAESAR 6x6 self-propelled howitzers that will be based on a Sherpa 6x6 truck chassis manufactured by the French company ARQUUS.

According to a press release published on November 10, 2020, RE2 Robotics, a leading developer of intelligent mobile manipulation systems, has announced that it has received $1.1 million in Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding from the U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) to develop a mobile robotic manipulation system that will allow combat medics to remotely assess and extract injured soldiers on the battlefield.

The Bangladesh Army standardised the ST Engineering-made 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher Mk 2 (40AGL Mk 2) in its inventory, making it one of the largest users of the weapon system, Defseca reports. The 40AGL Mk 2 is currently deployed across all infantry divisions of the Bangladesh Army to greatly enhance organic firepower.

KMW, a member of the ARTEC consortium, has concluded a further contractual agreement with WFEL for the production over ten years of Boxer Vehicle Drive Module fabricated hulls - together with a further contract for the Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) of approximately half of the 500 vehicles to be supplied to the British Army, under the £2.3bn contract signed with ARTEC at the end of 2019.

Insitu Inc., Bingen, Washington, is awarded a $9,769,387 modification to firm-fixed-price order N68335-19-F-0434 against previously issued basic ordering agreement N68335-16-G-0046. This modification definitizes pricing and exercises options for the procurement of 15 ScanEagle unmanned aerial vehicles, nine ScanEagle payloads, and three spares lots needed to provide the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, and support current ANA ScanEagle efforts.

Rheinmetall has begun serial delivery of 342 roll-off tipper vehicles to BwFuhrparkService GmbH (BwFPS), the state-owned enterprise in charge of the Bundeswehr’s fleet of non-tactical vehicles. The first 69 logistic vehicles were transferred, to be followed by up to eight more trucks per week.

According to a press release published on November 18, 2020,BAE Systems Hägglunds has received a contract from the Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement (armasuisse) for the life-extension of the Swiss Army’s CV9030, known as the “Schützenpanzer 2000.” The life-extension program of the CV9030 will keep the 186 vehicle fleet in service until 2040 and significantly improve the platform’s ability in certain areas.

Norway plans to present a tank purchase project for new tanks to the Norwegian parliament for approval in 2021. So far, it has already selected two possible contenders, after having evaluated up to nine options, the last of which were to acquire new platforms or upgrade the current fleet of Leopard 2 tanks currently operated by the Norwegian army has. Finally, it has opted for the first (ordering new battle tanks). Two candidates are shortlisted: the South Korean K-2 Black Panther tank and the German Leopard 2A7. The winner should arrive in 2025.

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