Azerbaijan donates Revival P unmanned demining vehicle to Ukraine

As part of a humanitarian aid initiative, Azerbaijan has transferred an unmanned Revival P demining vehicle to the State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine. This move is part of Azerbaijan's ongoing support for Ukraine's humanitarian demining efforts in territories recently freed from occupation.
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Azerbaijan has transferred an unmanned Revival P demining vehicle to the State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine (Picture source: SES of Ukraine)

The donation was announced by the Ukrainian SES's press service. The unmanned demining vehicle was received by sappers in the Poltava region. In addition to providing the equipment, representatives from the manufacturing company arrived in Ukraine to conduct training sessions for the future operators of the Revival P.

The Revival P is a sophisticated demining system, designed to operate in environments where land mines and other unexploded ordnances pose a significant risk. As an unmanned demining equipment, the Revival P is specially adapted to intervene in areas where human intervention would be too dangerous.

This machine is equipped with technologies that enable it to detect and neutralize mines and other explosive devices with high precision. Thanks to its sensors and navigation system, the Revival P can map areas contaminated with explosives, identify potential threats, and neutralize them autonomously or by remote control. This capability to operate independently significantly reduces the risks for deminers.

This donation from Azerbaijan was announced during a meeting between Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Bohdan Drapiaty, and the Azerbaijani ambassador to Ukraine, Seymur Mardaliyev. The SES also revealed that additional demining machines are expected soon, totaling 18 units from various countries such as the Republic of Korea, Canada, Austria, Azerbaijan, and the United Kingdom.

The SES unveiled the types of unmanned demining systems currently in their possession, including an Armtrak 400 from United24, DOK-ING MV-10/4 vehicles from the Howard Buffett Foundation, GSC-200 machines from Canada, a Digger D-250 from Switzerland, and a DOK-ING MV-4 from Estonia.

Russia has heavily mined Ukrainian territory, making any advancement very complicated to achieve. The dispatch of demining equipment is thus not trivial, and Ukraine is in great need of such equipment. The total necessity of these vehicles, as noted by the rescuers, is 41 units, highlighting the magnitude of the demining challenge in the region.